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Product launches, sales conferences, AGMs - ProAct Conference Centre facilities can be tailored to all your special events, offering specially-designed, modular venues which can be reserved for your exclusive use. Let’s not forget breaks (cocktails, light refreshments, etc.) to encourage interaction and provide opportunities to meet people.

Up to 600 people

You have the exclusive use of the Agora, a key space for plenary sessions and the focal point for your event:
- Amphitheater,
- Auditorium,
- Lecture hall,
- Modular space on stage,
- Audio-visual facilities including   projection equipment, sound system,
lighting effects, etc.

10-20 meeting rooms close by…

…which vary according to the venue, but provide additional facilities for running workshops…
This fully-integrated venue makes it easier to manage the flow of people and to keep your event on schedule.

Adjacent to your room is the Forum, a huge central lobby which connects all the spaces..

This is where special events take place (Welcome session, catering, exhibitions, entertainment).
This is an ideal place for people to interact and socialise.


And finally...

Because all our conference centres are on a user-friendly scale, they can be reserved for your exclusive use…
This is an additional plus point for staging your event and ensures complete confidentiality.